What is XYZ?

XYZ was created as a means for circulators to relax and forget about the stress of the magazine publishing industry. No one is sure when the group first convened, but since folklore says that XYZ was created to counter the pressures created by the rules and regulations of ABC (now AAM), the organization could be nearly 100 years old!

While there is no formal membership required to attend an XYZ Event, typical participants include agents, fulfillment bureau representatives, list rental managers, creative designers and circulation professionals at various publishing companies.

As the years pass and the environment becomes increasingly stressful, XYZ continues to serve the need for the release of steam. The light hearted spirit that the group was born with continues to this day.

The organization holds two events per year, a winter luncheon and an all day outing in warmer weather. Largely thanks to a variety of sponsors, recent years have brought the addition of a host of activities and a good time continues to be had by all!

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XYZ Board Members:

Lauren Pignataro

Rob Healy

Lars Carstensen

Tara Muldoon

Danielle O’Connell